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About us

Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN) residents are fortunate to have a wealth of committed people and organizations to provide hospice palliative care. The Integrated Hospice Palliative Care (IHCP) Regional Program works to support the equitable access to high quality hospice palliative care (HPC) for all residents of Waterloo Wellington LHIN. The WW IHPC Regional Program supports hospice palliative care (HPC) system partners to work together to deliver seamless and coordinated hospice palliative care within and across the WWLHIN hospice palliative care system. Specifically, the WW IHPC Regional Program  is responsible for coordinating, integrating, evaluating and improving hospice palliative care services. To fulfill its responsibilities, the WWIHPC Regional Program engages and partners with clinicians, providers and organizations that provide palliative care in the WWLHIN to inform strategic planning activities, standard of care development,  communication, education and quality improvement opportunities.  Additionally, the WWIHPC works closely with the Ontario Palliative Care Network to inform the development of provincial strategic priorities  and action plans to achieve the provincial directions.  The WW IHPC Regional Program is accountable to the LHIN CEO (Bruce Lauckner) and the Regional Cancer Centre Regional Vice President (Jane Martin).

A key deliverable for the OPCN in 2016/17 was the development of 14 Regional Palliative Care Programs within each LHIN.   The OPCN has provided guidance on regional program structure and accountability in order to support consistency across all 14 regional programs.  Each of the 14 Regional Palliative Care Programs will: A fundamental component of our Regional Program is our 'Sub-Region HPC Collaboratives' that meet 3-4 times each year to identify opportunities:
  • to spread and share leading/best practices
  • for quality improvements
See the Terms of Reference for the 'Sub-Region HPC Collaboratives' here

How Are We Doing?  WW IHPC Regional Program Dashboard

WW Community HPC Teams

In Waterloo Wellington, Palliative Physician services are enhanced with the following additional team members - Nurse Practitioner (NP), Clinical Resource Nurse (CRN) and Spiritual Care Provider (SCP). Each referral is reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis. 

The Community HPC Teams provide the following service types:
  • One time consultation
  • Consultation and concurrent/shared care, with Most Responsible Physician (MRP) to be designated in discussion with the Family Physician
  • Assumption of care and MRP in discussion/negotiation with Referring Physician or Family Physician
  • 24 hour on-call Physician support to the MRP or the WWCCAC Contracted Nursing Team for accepted patients
To refer a patient to a Community HPC Team, please complete the WWCCAC request for services form.

When a referral is received from a Specialist, the Family Physician will be informed and the 'service-type' negotiated. Despite the efforts of the Palliative Physicians and team members, it is not possible to accept referrals on an emergency basis. The Palliative Physicians are available, however, for phone support in circumstances requiring more urgent symptom management.

The Community HPC Teams are committed to working with the Family Physician in providing excellent palliative care. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by calling the Director of the WW Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Regional Program, Emmi Perkins, at 226.220.8658 or emmi.perkins@ww.ccac-ont.ca