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WW IHPC Program Reports & Updates

Opportuity  to Provide Feedback - Draft Palliative Models of Care: Recommendations for Improving Delivery of Palliative Care Services in Ontario
The OPCN’s Health Services Delivery Framework Working Group has developed recommendations intended to support the implementation of the Palliative Care Quality Standard. This initial set of recommendations clarifies the roles of primary care and specialist teams for the first area of focus of adult patients receiving care within the last year of life and residing at home (e.g. patient’s living in their usual place of residence). The recommendations aim to provide guidance to healthcare providers and administrators on optimal palliative care service delivery for patients and family/caregivers across the province. They also highlight organizational considerations for the implementation of these recommendations. The draft document is available here. Please provide any comments regarding the clarity of the recommendations and/or your thoughts about barriers and enablers to implementation to Emmi Perkins (emmi.perkins@lhins.on.ca) by Friday, February 2, 2018.


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