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Waterloo Wellington Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Referral and Intake Process

As the lead organization for system level integration in Hospice Palliative Care (HPC), the WW CCAC oversees and coordinates the regional intake process for community HPC services. The WWCCAC referral form includes a HPC section for referring sources to complete when requesting community based HPC home care (this includes WW Community HPC Team services)

You can access the Waterloo Wellington Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Referral Form here.

As part of the HPC referral and intake process, a Palliative Resource Nurse Care Coordinator (PRN CC) is available through the WWCCAC Intake department to improve access and responsiveness for individuals requiring palliative care services.  The PRN CC is available to assist those making a referral to HPC services at 310-CCAC.   
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director of the WW Integrated Hospice Palliative Care Regional Program, Emmi Perkins, at 226.220.8658 or emmi.perkins@ww.ccac-ont.ca.